Akteo offers a wide choice of themed watches! Each passion, each profession, each desire corresponds to an Akteo watch. Indeed, the brand offers a selection of original watches in the colors of hobbies, professions or simply events marking such as Valentine’s Day.

Witch time is it?

Painter Blue

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Jumping Horse

Ballerina Watch

My Fair Judge

Gangster Watch

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About Akteo

Created in 1992 by Jean-Christophe Mareschal, Akteo thematic watches are inspired by our everyday universe. Passionate and curious about everything, he takes a 360 “look at the world that surrounds us with humor and a pinch of poetry he returns us his own interpretation. A concept totally original in watchmaking, with more than 300 thematic models.

Wide range of Akteo watches for all lifestyles!

Each of these models has been inspired by our everyday life. They are recommended for young and old
Each watch belongs to a passion. for example games for poker enthusiasts and fans of black Jack, art for those who love painting, cinema for followers of the 7th art, high couture by paying tribute to fashion or even cuisine for epicureans.
Aktéo also declines its know-how in other models and different things that we live everyday, like sports including football. tennis, skiing; love with her Valentine’s Day models; nature with its sun, gardens and flowers and many other models.
The AKTEO watch makes a great gift for your whole family. If you like art, space, literature, etc.
These watches define each of our passions and activities, moments in life that we love.
There are also simple and discreet watches for all occasions. You just need to know the tastes and passions of your friends or companions to give them the gift ideal.
AKTEO watches represent each of us in one way or another and allow us to make original gifts for all ages.