Daum Crystal Animals

The Daum crystal Animal figurines collection. Daum captures the innocence and nature of the fauna. These beautiful bestiary sculptures come in a variaty of colours. All pieces are hand made with fine crystal which makes each of them unique

What makes Daum Crystal unique

The House of Daum was founded in 1878 and has been linked to the École de Nancy. The founders, Jean Daum and his two sons started with the Art nouveau movement. The company has since then been crafting world-renowned led crystal using rare and ancient techniques. The unusual use of pâte de verre makes their pieces unique and colourful. Over the years, they have collaborated with famous artists from Majorelle to Dali, Arman and McConnico. This collaboration has given birth to exclusive crystal sculptures, which has allowed them to create an exceptional collection. Moreover, every single Daum crystal piece has its own individuality, as it is entirely hand made.