Gobelet Old Fashion Hirondelles


Lalique Crystal

Fine crystal hand made in France

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This migratory bird, has always been a favourite theme with Rene LALIQUE. Satin-finished Swallows spread their wings in flight against a textured background and form a graceful motif for the Old Fashioned glass and tumbler in this crystal service.

A truly technical masterpiece, the broad freize worked in bas-relief lends a new, original aspect to the motifs, once again demonstrating the “savoir-faire” of the LALIQUE master-glassmakers.

Clear crystal

Dimensions: H 3.66″ x D 3.23″ (H 9,3 cm x D 8,2 cm)

Volume: 7.44 oz (22 cl)

Handcrafted in France

Reference: 1345700

Dimensions 9.3 cm
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